Maple Street Dance Space

3215 Central Ave. NE Abq NM 87106

Let the Beauty we Love be what we Do; There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. ~Rumi  


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CELEBRATING 10 YEARS of Unity in Diversity Through Dance! 

Maple Street Dance Space is an award winning and unique collective of INDEPENDENT instructors who rent studio space to offer their their own various dance and movement forms or practices. As a result, the studio is filled with a dynamic and eclectic variety of classes and workshops that strengthen, nurture, and inspire the body, mind, heart and spirit!

If you have specific questions regarding a particular class, please contact instructors directly! Their contact info is listed with their names on the Instructor Page - just scroll down and click the name!

CANCELED CLASSES: As indedpendent teachers within the studio, there are times when individual classes may be cancelled, incidentally, without being noted on the schedule!  To be certain the class you are interested in is on schedule, contact the instructor!

Listed below are todays classes. To see other classes offered during the week view the Schedule. To find out more about the classes, view the Classes here.


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